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Testing, One, Two, Three (21 April 2006 - 4:33 p.m.)

I apologize in advance for another health-related entry, but thatís what is uppermost on my mind these days, and I feel it is important for me to keep a record of what is going on. If nothing else, I at least seem to have found a doctor who is taking a somewhat aggressive approach to getting to the bottom of what is causing my pain. Last Friday, I went for an EEG. On Wednesday, I had an MRI of the cervical spine. Today, I went for the Eek Moan Groan and Nerve Conduction Studies. (God, I hate that test.)

The pain has been increasing in intensity and the tingling and numbness are spreading to different areas. At the time of my appointment with the neurologist last week, I was experiencing tingling in the fingers of my left hand, and on the left side of my face. Now it is creeping across my upper lip (I refer to it as a tingling mustache).

Iím hoping to get some answers when I go for my follow up appointment with the neurologist on May 2nd. What scares me is the fact that Iíve dared to allow myself to feel hopeful again. I don't know if I can bear to have my hopes dashed yet another time. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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