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Mini Vacation (15 July 2006 - 10:53 a.m.)

I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday, and, when I told him that my last headache lasted for SIXTY TWO DAYS, he felt that aggressive treatment might be in order. Uhh, ya think? I also told him that I've been having an increase in thoughts related to bridge jumping, so that could have had something to do with his spur to action…

Anyway, this “aggressive treatment” for intractable headaches is IV Therapy. In the HOSPITAL. FOR FIVE DAYS.

This took me completely by surprise, and I found myself rendered speechless for several moments. I was even more astonished when the doctor asked if I was prepared to be admitted the next day (today). When I found my voice, I explained my dilemma.

I am working summer school. The summer school principal is a friend of mine. A few years ago, he convinced the School Board to create a position for me. My presence has proved to be valuable. The principal is counting on me to be there, and I owe it to him to do everything in my power to make sure that I am there.

Besides, summer school is not included in my regular salary, and I don’t get paid for days that I am not in attendance. Since I only work half of my normal hours during the summer, our financial situation is pretty tight. I can’t afford to lose a week’s pay.

So, I told the doctor I’d like to postpone the IV therapy until September, when I will once again be eligible to receive sick pay. In the meantime, he prescribed Depakote, after making me assure him that my childbearing days are over. Apparently, the drug can cause birth defects. Lovely stuff (typically prescribed for seizures).

Come September, if the headaches continue to plague me the way they have been, I guess I will give the IV therapy a try. If nothing else, at least I’ll get a “vacation” out of it.

Speaking of vacation, I’m leaving for Rhode Island after work on Wednesday. (I'll only be giving up four hours of pay, since summer school is not in session on Fridays.) It’s only for a few days, but any time spent at the seashore is better than none.

Song of the Day: Vacation by The Go-Gos

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