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Tiotoe Through Toronto (30 August 2006 - 9:57 p.m.)

The trip to Toronto went well, but it was exhausting. On the positive side, Danielís family gave me a very warm welcome and made me feel pretty much at ease. As soon as we arrived Friday evening, we went to dinner with Danielís mother and brother #1. Saturday afternoon, we went to my mother-in-lawís condo for lunch with aunts and uncles. That evening, we had dinner and a combination birthday celebration at the home of brother #3. All the brothers and their families were in attendance.

Sunday afternoon, we had brunch with Danielís mother, another aunt and uncle, brother #1 and his girlfriend. In the evening, Daniel and I drove by the home of brother #2. (We would have gone in, but he and his family had gone away on a white water rafting trip that morning.) From the outside, it looked even more impressive than the house of brother #3, which was really something. Oh, it must be nice to have money!

On the negative side, we didnít get to do any fun, touristy things on this trip because a very full itinerary had been planned for us. I was extremely grateful when, upon our departure, Daniel announced to his family that the next time we visit Toronto, we want to make our own plans, do things at our own pace, and make sure we have time for leisurely activities.

Still, I really did enjoy the trip. And I got a nice email from my mother-in-law earlier today letting me know that "the whole family fell in love" with me. That was good to hear.

When we got home Monday evening, I received a wonderful surprise. The girls and Daniel gave me my birthday present Ė a FIVE HOUR SPA PACKAGE. Be still my heart!

I also got a card from my ex that I just love. On the front cover, it says: "My God, you look so young for your age." Inside it says: "Just what the hell kind of freak show are you?" Hah! Good question!

Song of the Day: O Canada

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