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Hi Ho Hi Ho, Itís Off to Work I Go (13 September 2006 - 5:58 a.m.)

I have a feeling this is going to be a difficult school year. My assignment has changed. I am needed in the library, so Iíll now be dividing my time between there and the computer lab. Already, this has proved to be a stressful situation.

For one thing, teachers are seeking me out in the library with questions related to the computer lab. I canít be responsible for both places at the same time. So, I requested that an assistant principal send out a memo explaining that during the periods when I am not available in the computer lab, teachers are on their own. They will have to do their own scheduling (thereís a calendar on my desk Ė all they have to do is pencil themselves in and make sure there are no conflicts with other classes). They will have to deal with technical problems and replace printer paper as needed. Most importantly, they will have to STOP BOTHERING ME about the computer lab when I am in the library.

Another complication is related to time management. Because of the split assignment, I am running back and forth in a frenzied state. I have decided that, in order to make things more manageable for myself, I am going to have to discontinue the student poetry book. This breaks my heart, but there is only so much a person can do, and I simply wonít have time for such things with my new schedule.

Finally, there is the issue of my health. Working in the library is physically demanding. I am on my feet most of the time, and that wreaks havoc on my back. The last time I worked in the library, I ended up having spine surgery. Thatís why I jumped at the chance to take over the computer lab when the position came up. And now Iím back in the library for four out of eight periods. This is cause for concern.

Speaking of my health, I am currently on antibiotics for a Urinary Tract Infection. I havenít had one of those in about fifteen years. I also seem to have caught a cold. Schools sure are popular breeding grounds for germs. Retirement is looking mighty good right about nowÖ

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