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Open Doors (31 October 2006 - 5:07 p.m.)

Day 11 and still no word. It's paralyzing.

This evening, I thought I would do something that Iíve never done before - turn the lights off and ignore the ringing doorbell. But, as it turns out, I donít have the heart to turn the trick-or-treaters away.

I remember my own childhood, and how much fun Halloween was. I remember generous, smiling people making a fuss over our costumes. I remember being giddy with happiness.

In later years, I shared in my daughters' excitement when they got dressed up for Halloween. It made them happy, too. If I have fond memories of people being kind to my children and me, I think it's only right that I "pay it forward" to the current generation of trick-or-treaters.

My brother, Mark, loved Halloween. I am so grateful to the people who opened their doors to him, and helped make those nights special.

Therefore, instead of keeping my door closed tonight because of Mark, I am opening my door because of him. So far, Iíve had two football players and, of all things, a Shakespeare. That one alone was worth opening the door for.

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