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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (31 January 2007 - 5:12 p.m.)

I’ll start with “the good.” I had a wonderful time at Mike’s on Sunday. His homemade pizza lived up to (and even surpassed) the hype. Mmm, boy, was it good.

Besides my father and me, Mike also extended the invitation to Mr. Plumber and his wife. The Wife and I really hit it off. We compared teenage daughter horror stories, and established a real bond. A good time was had by all.

“The bad” has to do with physical pain. I’m in full Fibromyalgia flare, and the scary headaches are kicking my ass. I hurt all over.

Now for “the ugly.” For the past couple of months, this comments page has been getting spammed on a daily basis. (Take a look to see the nature of the spam.) I banned the IP address without success. The smut comments continue to pour in.

I have appealed to Andrew (the Diaryland site owner) countless times. He does not respond, despite this assurance (in the email sent to notify members when comments are made): "So you know, we have added some new anti-spam measures to the DiaryLand comments system. However, if this email is a spammer who has gotten through, please hit reply to send this mail directly to [insert appropriate email address here] and we will ban them. Thanks!"

I am a Gold (paying) member, and don't understand why my requests for help go ignored.

This question is for other Diaryland members, paying or otherwise: Have you been successful in your attempts to contact Andrew for assistance?

If anyone has any suggestions on how to block the offensive spam, it would be greatly appreciated. Having to go in and delete the comments every single day is getting tiresome.

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