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Joke #2 (09 February 2007 - 8:40 a.m.)

The machine has been fixed, and I was able to have the x-rays taken yesterday. However, the bad luck continues. My appointment for Monday was cancelled because Dr. Spine Expert won't be in. Iíve been rescheduled for Tuesday. In the meantime, I'm really suffering. The sciatica pain is present on BOTH sides, although worse on the right. This really sucks.

Still, it doesnít suck as much as what happened to Anna Nicole Smith. She wasnít my favorite person in the world, but I didnít harbor any ill-feelings towards her, either. It is apparent, however, that many others don't share my tolerant attitude. In death, as in life, she is the butt of nasty jokes and cruel remarks.

I was reading a blog this morning wherein the diarist mentioned that Ms. Smith had died. One of the commenters wrote, ďAbout damn time.Ē What a terrible thing to say. And, believe me, this person has no right to be casting any stones.

Sure, Anna Nicole was a bit of a cartoon character (or caricature), but she was also a human being who suffered heartache just like the rest of us. I, for one, hope she rests peacefully.

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P.S. I just have to add the results of a quiz I took after seeing it over at LAís place.

If Stephanie were a drink they would be:

2 parts bitch
1 parts suicidal
2 parts ambitious

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