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Well, That Was a Waste of Time... (22 February 2007 - 12:26 p.m.)

I was very disappointed by my appointment with the attorney yesterday. He was abrupt and unfriendly, and seemed impatient when I asked for clarification on things I didn't understand. I left his office feeling more confused than ever, and wondering what good his services will do me.

In preparation, I had typed out a two page record of the injury, including dates lost from work and medical appointments I've had thus far. He had no interest in the document at all, and said all he needed to know was that I was hurt at work. Details were insignificant.

He did explain that Worker's Comp will only pay 2/3 of my salary. That was disturbing news. I live hand to mouth, and can't afford to lose a third of my salary. He said I might want to look into using my sick days, instead, and then, if I receive checks from Worker's Comp, they will be used to reimburse my employer, and I will get 2/3 of my sick days back. Or something like that. I have to call the district offices to find out what their policy is, and/or what my contract dictates.

Since the appointment, Iíve spoken to a couple of co-workers who have gone this route, using the same law office, although they met with different attorneys. They both said they received the same treatment, and this, apparently, is customary behavior at this office (which is the number one Workerís Comp firm in the area).

The only thing these attorneys do is file a claim with the Comp Board, and make sure clients get what they are entitled to Ė which is medical coverage and 2/3 of their salary while they are out of work. I could probably do that myself, but this isnít costing me anything, so what the hell. Still, itís not what I expected, but that is true for a lot of things that have happened to me over the course of my lifeÖ

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