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Warning, Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! (13 March 2007 - 9:43 a.m.)

I had an eventful day yesterday. It all started with a questionnaire from Worker’s Comp. I had received it a few days ago, and filled it out, but, over the weekend, I remembered that my attorney had given me a package that included this warning: Do not fill out any forms or questionnaires, no matter what you are told about the impact your refusal to do so may have on your case. (Emphasis theirs.)

So, first thing yesterday morning, I called the attorney’s office to let them know about the questionnaire. The receptionist had me fax a copy over for their review, and I am waiting to hear back from them as to how I should proceed.

Then, I received a notice in the mail that I have been scheduled (by Worker’s Comp) for an independent medical examination with an orthopedic surgeon. As it turns out, I worked for this doctor many years ago. I carefully read the notice, looking for terms of conflict. The only conflict mentioned was “if the practitioner has treated or examined the claimant for the condition for which the examination is being requested.” The appointment is scheduled for March 27th.

At 1:00, I went for the MRI. Part of it was “contrast-enhanced," which meant that something or other was injected into an IV. The procedure went okay, except for the discomfort I experienced from lying on my back without moving for 25 minutes. The bolster under my knees helped somewhat, but I was still pretty uncomfortable. I’m anxious to learn the results.

In the evening, I went to my gentle yoga class. It hurt more than usual, but we were taught a good breathing exercise. I’m glad I went. Lord knows I can use all the relaxation techniques I can get right about now.

When I got home from yoga, Daniel told me that I had received a phone call from a representative of the Worker’s Comp insurance company. He was calling to arrange an interview at my house. Warning bells went off in my head, and I once again referred to the package I had received from my attorney. I found this: “DO NOT give statements or interviews to ANYONE.” In addition, “If anyone contacts you about your case, tell that person you are represented by our firm, and tell him or her to refer their questions to us. Then hang up or close the door. DO NOT engage in any further discussion.”

Are we having fun yet?

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