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Oops! I Did It Again (20 March 2007 - 11:04 a.m.)

A confession: I lied when I said never again in reference to cooking corned beef and cabbage. I went ahead and did it again this year. In order to make the meal more palatable, I ate my corned beef between two slices of toasted rye with swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. I didn’t have any sauerkraut, so I improvised with the cabbage. Let me tell you, I really enjoyed that reuben sandwich.

In other news, I had my first knitting lesson with my highly skilled aunt on Sunday. It went okay, but I messed up when I tried to continue at home Monday morning. I got so frustrated, I ended up ripping the whole thing apart so I could start over. Then I remembered that my aunt had not yet taught me to “cast on.” So, I referred to my copy of Stitch and Bitch. Although I did manage to get a row of loops on the needle, things still weren’t going very well. I was working myself into a frenzy of frustration and failure.

Fortunately, help was at hand. LA called at the perfect time. If I didn’t TAKE a break, I was GOING to break. Talking to and laughing with a good friend was just what I needed. My mistake was going back to the knitting. Once again, I ended up ripping it apart.

Later in the afternoon, I went back to my aunt’s house, and she got me started again. After yoga last evening, I brought out my knitting and proceeded to screw everything up once more. One of the problems is that I’m not able to concentrate at home, with people asking questions and dogs vying for attention, etc. And, until I get the hang of this, I NEED to concentrate.

Anyway, the bottom line is that my needles are once again empty of yarn. My aunt is going to flip. I can hear her now, advising me to “put the knitting down and back away slowly.” Sigh.


LA called while I was working on this entry, and we had another one of those “all over the place” conversations that I find so delightful. Our chat was interrupted twice. The first time, it was good news. My niece, Meaghan, pregnant with her second child, is going to have a boy in August. She wants to name him Mark, after her father. It breaks my heart to know that my brother will never get to meet his grandson.

The next interruption came from my daughter, Leigh, who wanted to fill me in on the news that Rebecca’s boyfriend cheated on her. Apparently, things got ugly when Rebecca confronted him. As I listened to the few details Leigh was able to supply, I felt myself becoming angry. I get heated when my daughters are mistreated.

Feeling the need to lower my blood pressure, I looked around for something to take my mind off bloody murder. The empty knitting needles caught my eye. I'm happy to report that they are no longer empty.


Not only did I manage to cast on, but I knitted a few rows, as well. While I was at it, I fantasized about using the knitting needles in other creative ways - on The Cheater, to be more specific. I’m not that innocent.

Song of the Day: Oops! I Did it Again by Britney Spears

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