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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (22 March 2007 - 12:57 p.m.)

It seems that the "cheating" was a revenge kiss. The Cheater wanted to get back at Rebecca because she went to lunch with some other guy, who happens to be her FRIEND, for pete's sake. Sheesh.

Anyway, dig this. Not only did Rebecca slap the shit out of The Cheater, but she gave him a BLACK EYE, to boot. I had a little talk with her about how it is wrong for one person to hit another, unless it's in self-defense. She said she understands that, but she still doesnít regret what she did.

Iím a bit puzzled. Corporal punishment was not practiced in our household, so I don't know where this violent streak of hers comes from. I just hope she'll be able to exercise more self-control in the future.

I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday, and my second session this morning. Getting there three times a week is presenting a real hardship for me. I submitted an application for Dial-A-Ride, so please keep your fingers crossed that I'll be approved. Taking the city bus to my various medical appointments is not a good option because it is significantly difficult for me to "stand on a moving bus" and to "stand outside for more than 10 minutes." (Dial-A-Ride requirements)

In the meantime, I've been taking a taxi. The roundtrip fare is $16.00, plus tip. If I have to depend on cabs for the duration of the physical therapy, it will cost nearly $300.00! That's insane! Iíve been making sure I get receipts to submit to Worker's Comp, but the hope of being reimbursed doesn't help much at the moment. I need the money NOW!

Before I head out for an afternoon of communal knitting with my cousin (at the Jewish Center), I want to tell you about a telephone conversation I had the other day with a receptionist at the medical imaging center. I called to make arrangements to have the MRI report faxed to the doctor I will be seeing for my independent medical examination (at the request of the Worker's Comp insurance company). She commented on my unusual last name being the same as that of a certain actress. She then went on to discuss a movie the aforementioned actress starred in. Somehow, that led her to ask me if I like Antonio Banderas (who is not in the movie she was talking about).

Do I like Antonio Banderas?? Oh. Hell. Yes. While others swoon over Tom Cruise (ugh) and Brad Pitt (okay, he IS good looking, but I cannot forgive him for cheating on Jennifer Aniston), Antonio Banderas is the one that does it for me.

Anyway, I must have been a little too exuberant in my assurance that I do indeed like Antonio Banderas, because the receptionist said, "Down, girl. That's my HUSBAND you're talking about." I told her she can't claim him because he's MINE, and she responded with a threat: "Girl, do you want me to fax this MRI report to the doctor or not? Or, maybe we should step outside into the parking lot to settle this."

Mrs. Banderas went on to say that she is "slumming" at present, and took the receptionist job because she needed a break from the red carpet. The giggling and joke-cracking went on for several minutes, and, as the conversation came to an end, I thanked her for her friendliness, and told her that she made my day.

Now I'm going to make hers. I sent her these pics of Antonio Banderas. On this one, I wrote: "It's 3:00 a.m. Do you know where your husband is?"

When the working day is done, oh, girls, they wanna have fu-un. Oh, girls just wanna have fun.

Song of the Day: Girls Just Wanna have Fun by Cindi Lauper

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