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Drama Mama (09 May 2007 - 8:32 a.m.)

My mother is an enigma. One minute, she is being sweet and considerate, and the next thing you know, she is being unkind and thoughtless. Her mood swings can be dizzying.

Yesterday, she came over to plant six azaleas. While she was engaged in that activity, I did some weeding. Even though I sat on a stool, the work was still backbreaking. I had to stop when both legs started tingling from the knees down.

My motherís labor was greatly appreciated. In return, I colored her hair and fed her lunch. Shortly after we ate, I suffered a massive foot cramp. To further complicate things, I have a problem with the big toe on that foot, and getting a cramp in that area makes me see stars. To make matters even worse, trying to work the cramp out caused an agonizing chain reaction of shock waves throughout my pain-ridden body.

At one point, I let out a yelp. In response, my mother called me a ďdrama queen.Ē

I didnít realize that expressions of pain are dramatic. Why is it expected that I should walk around in stoic silence? I am in pain ALL THE DAMN TIME. A little compassion would be nice. Instead, my pain is held against me, and not just by my mother. Iím sick and tired of it.

Iím also sick and tired of the medical runaround. On Thursday, I have an appointment for a pain management consultation. I see my orthopedic surgeon on Friday, and a neurosurgeon (for a second opinion, since the orthopedist isnít doing anything for me) next Tuesday. Workerís Comp has authorized an additional 18 physical therapy sessions, so I get to go back to the old three times a week PT grind. It wouldnít be so bad if it was helping, but itís not.

I should change the subject before I get accused of being a drama queen again, but thereís not much else to talk about. Not being able to stay on my feet for longer than ten minutes at a time is putting a bit of a cramp in my style, not to mention a damper on my social life. So far, todayís excitement consists of preparing a pot of beans for pasta fagioli.

Oh, wait! I DO have something else planned for today! Iím going to the movies with my cousin to see ďNotes on a Scandal.Ē I hope sitting in the theater for a couple of hours wonít be too uncomfortable. Even if it is, it will be worth just to get out.

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