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Pain, Pain Go Away (30 May 2007 - 7:53 a.m.)

Wow. I thought Dr. Spine Specialist was dismissive, but the neurosurgeon I saw yesterday takes the cake. I spent more time filling out forms than I did talking to the doctor. He didnít even want to know how the injury occurred. He just walked into the room and asked, ďWhere does it hurt?Ē

I told him I am experiencing pain in my lower back and both buttocks, with the pain radiating into the hip areas, as well. I went on to say that my legs hurt, and I canít stand comfortably for longer than ten minutes at a time. Apparently, the only thing he heard was ďhips,Ē because he wants to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. But first, he is sending me for flexion/extension x-rays to rule out vertebral instability. I should rent a room at the Imaging Center, Iíve been spending so much time there.

This is getting ridiculous. (Actually, itís been beyond ridiculous for a while now.) I wake up every damn morning at 3:00 because the pain is so severe. When I get out of bed for good at 6:00 a.m., I can barely move. It takes a couple of hours for the stiffness and pain to subside to a tolerable level. Yet, nothing is being done for me, with the exception of physical therapy, which isnít helping.

The only doctor I have any confidence is right now is the physiatrist Iím seeing for problems not related to the workerís comp injury. I have an appointment with him on Friday for dry needling and MRI review. (That would be the MRI during which I fell asleep.) I wish I could see Dr. Physiatrist for all my medical needs.

Song of the Day: Tell Me Where it Hurts by Haddaway

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