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Weekend Wrap-up (17 June 2007 - 2:17 p.m.)

Up until today, Iíve had a lovely weekend. On Friday, my cousin and I went to the Samuel Morse estate to tour the gardens. I especially wanted to see (and smell) the spectacular peonies.

I spent yesterday with my sister, Michele. We did some shopping, and went back to her house to laze around on floats in the pool. Daniel joined us later in the evening for dinner. Feast is more like it. We had gnocchi, london broil, garlic bread, salad, and two cakes for dessert Ė one Italian rum, and the other, chocolate. Iím STILL stuffed.

Today is a different story. This is going to be another difficult day, especially for my father. Markís death was devastating for all of us, but my father is a broken man. I almost dread going over to see him later this afternoon because his devastation is so painful to witness. But, of course, I will go. He needs the rest of his children more than ever.

To all the dads out there Ė have a very Happy Fatherís Day!

Song of the Day: Father Figure by George Michael

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