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Shoulder the Load (13 July 2007 - 8:28 a.m.)

There's not much to report about my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday (for my shoulder. ) He is sending me for PT. Just what I need, right? More physical therapy! Groan.

The orthopedist did make one observation that cracked me up. He was showing me the MRI, pointing out the cyst, the spur, the rotator cuff tear, and, especially, the large amount of fluid. When I asked what was causing the fluid to collect in that area, he said, ďYour shoulder is pissed off.Ē Hah!

If physical therapy doesn't work, arthroscopic surgery might be the next course of action. I'd just as soon do that now and get it over with. I don't have full range of motion. I have difficulty getting dressed, drying/styling my hair, and anything else that involves raising my right arm. PT hasnít helped my back, and Iím not feeling very optimistic that it will do my shoulder any good.

Oh well, Iím not going to worry about that right now. I'm going to the beach in Rhode Island today. Yay! I get to see, smell and hear the ocean!

Bye for now.

Song of the Day: Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Paul Anka

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