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Wild About Harry (21 July 2007 - 9:22 a.m.)

Saw this Harry Potter alter ego quiz over at LAís, and thought Iíd give it a try. My results:

You scored as Hermione Granger, You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Hermione Granger


Remus Lupin


Albus Dumbledore


Ron Weasley


Sirius Black


Harry Potter


Draco Malfoy


Severus Snape


Ginny Weasley


Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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Lucky LA gets to spend the whole day with Harry. I did that with Book VI Ė read it from start to finish on my front porch the day it came out. It had been my intention to do the same thing with Book VII (the last of the series Ė NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS, PLEASE. That's such a Dementor-like thing to do), but my nieceís baby shower is taking place this afternoon, and duty demands that I attend. Unfortunately, the blanket Iíve been knitting for her isnít quite finished yet.

I do have a few other gifts, though, so maybe Iíll just give her the blanket when the baby is born.

In other news, I went for the blood glucose test on Wednesday. I was given three minutes to drink a bottle of yuck. (It tasted like crushed baby aspirins mixed with orange soda and sweetened with a ton of sugar.) Blood was drawn three times, over a course of two+ hours.

My next test is scheduled for Tuesday, when I go for the much-feared myelogram. Shudder.

Yesterday was blissfully free of medical appointments, and I took advantage of the lull by going to Danbury, Connecticut with my mother. We went to the Christmas Tree Shop and Trader Joeís. I could use a few more days like that, but this coming week, itís back to the old grind, with medical appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Letís hope my calendar stays unmarked for Friday.

Song of the Day: Iím Just Wild About Harry by Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle

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