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Searching For the Diary Land of Milk and Honey (01 August 2007 - 2:16 p.m.)

My Diaryland Super Gold membership runs out in a couple of weeks. Due to rampant comment spam and the fact that Andrew has NEVER ONCE responded to a request for assistance, I will not be renewing.

Reader feedback is important to me. It has helped me get through some very difficult times. If I went to non-paying member status, I wouldn't be able to use the comments feature. I had a bad experience with MyGuestbook, and will not go that route again. Iím not in the mood to hassle with template tweaking in order to get Haloscan comments on my site.

Therefore, I have been preparing for a move to WordPress.

To be honest, Iím not thrilled about making the switch. I have found Diaryland to be very user-friendly.

WordPress makes me want to pull chunks of hair out of my head. It makes me curse like a sailor. I run into problems whenever I try to edit an entry. The paragraphing gets messed up (helpful suggestions from others who have moved to WordPress donít work for me). Any attempt to fix the paragraphing results in an even bigger mess. I usually end up having to delete the entry and start all over from scratch. Itís very frustrating.

Nevertheless, I canít stay here. I canít pay for services that are promised but not provided. So, for now, at least, you can find me here. (There's a new entry over there, by the way.)

Song of the Day: The Promised Land by Bruce Springsteen

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