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Exorcism (14 February 2006 - 10:25 a.m.)

Diary-x has suffered a massive drive failure. Due to an admitted failure on the part of the management, backups have not been performed. I donít keep personal copies, so itís a bit unsettling to think that all those entries could be lostÖ Iíve come to rely on journal entries to jog my memory on numerous occasions, but now there is a good chance that such an option will no longer be available to meÖ

Oh well, thereís nothing I can do, so thereís no use agonizing over this. And, in the grand scheme of things, this is a relatively minor problem. I recently had a good dose of perspective after hearing about an experience My Friend had. Last week, she went to Albany for a post-surgical appointment, and the results were troublesome. As she was driving home, with thoughts of what the doctor had told her weighing heavily on her mind, she got a flat tire. In the dark, on the Taconic State Parkway, a scary road even under the best conditions.

I told My Friend that I would have freaked out if that had happened to me, but she said she took it in stride. Fortunately, a passing State Trooper pulled over and stayed there until the tow truck arrived. The way My Friend handled the situation really made an impression on me. I wish I could be more like her, but I just donít seem to be wired that way.

Besides being an English teacher and Department Head, My Friend does yoga, meditates and is a Reiki Master and Reflexologist. I, on the other hand, am a major worrywart. Youíd think some of that peace and calm would rub off on me, but it hasnít. Go figure.

In other news, I continue to be preoccupied with physical pain. A couple of years ago, when I was suffering from the agony of a herniated disc and related sciatica, I had a nightmare in which I dreamt that I was in heavy labor. Thatís how my brain chose to deal with the pain I was experiencing in that part of my anatomy. A week or so ago, my brain chose to deal with the pain in my neck and head by causing me to have a nightmare about demonic possession. ďMother, make it stop!Ē

So, today is Valentineís Day. To celebrate, Iíll be going to the dentist. What was I thinking when I made that appointment?? Afterwards, Iíll come home to a meal prepared by my daughter, Rebecca. Sheís coming home from college just for the occasion, and will drive back to school tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow, Daniel and I have an appointment for a residency interview with the Department of Immigration in New York City. Wish us luck!

Song of the Day: The Exorcist by Hellacopters

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