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Riding Blaine, the Train of Pain (18 March 2006 - 7:49 a.m.)

I saw my primary care physician on Monday and he did the two things I expected him to do. 1. He dismissed the notion of a possible endocrinological connection without the slightest consideration, and 2. He asked me what I wanted him to do. He ALWAYS asks me that, and itís really starting to wear thin.

Usually, I reply to that idiotic question by telling him what to do, but, this time, I responded by bursting into tears. I sobbed, ďYOUíRE the doctor. I didnít go to medical school; YOU did. What I want you to do is HELP me. If you donít, Iím going to kill myself, because I canít live this way much longer.Ē

That got his attention. He wrote me a referral to a neurologist. As I mentioned before, Iíve been to neurologists in the past without getting relief from these headaches, but Iím willing to give it another try. I have to do SOMETHING.

The problem with neurologists is that they always want to treat me for migraines, and I know thatís not what these headaches are. Iíve gone the migraine meds route. Iíve done the caffeine withdrawal therapy. Iíve taken muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Iíve had EEGs and MRIs. Iíve been to a pain management specialist, and went for injections in the cervical spine.

Nothing Iíve tried has worked. Instead of seeing the least bit of improvement, my condition is getting worse. I STILL have the headache that began on February 22nd. I am also experiencing severe pain in my neck and shoulder muscles. There is nerve entrapment in the cervical spine, and I have gone for physical therapy, also without relief. How long can a person be expected to tolerate unremitting pain?

I donít consider myself to have a low threshold for pain. Both of my children were delivered completely naturally. I once walked on a broken leg. I have lived with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome for many years. I didnít take the Vicodin that was prescribed after I had spine surgery for a herniated disc, but I do take it when I have these headaches, although it barely touches the pain. This is becoming unendurable, and I am reaching the end of my coping ability.

Does anybody know when Dr. Kevorkian gets out of prison?

Song of the Day: King of Pain by The Police

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