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Easter Sunday (08 April 2007 - 10:27 a.m.)

Rebecca has to work today, so, since I'm not physically up to hosting a gathering, 13 of us are going to have dinner at the restaurant where she is waitressing. This way, I don't have to do any work, and Becca gets to be with us (sort of). I did make a chocolate chip Irish Cream pound cake, and bought a couple of cheese strudels (one cherry and one blueberry), so Ill have everyone over here for dessert. Here's a shot of my pound cake:

Yesterday, I had quite a shock when I glanced at the front page of our local paper. One of our students has been arraigned on murder charges in what authorities said was a botched robbery attempt. The murder took place eight months ago. I remember it well because it happened on a street right next to the high school where I work. A 28-year-old man was found in his car with a gunshot wound to his hip. He later died at the hospital.

At the time, I felt that this particular murder was too close for comfort, due to the proximity of the crime to my place of employment. Little did I know that my comfort level would soon become even more compromised.

According to the article, The Student (who is 19 years old) had been a suspect in the shooting since shortly after the police investigation began. However, The Student was free to attend school and, apparently, commit other crimes. At the time of his indictment (this past Friday), The Student was in jail (finally!) facing attempted robbery charges in an unrelated case. By the way, his old man is in prison serving a life sentence for murder. Like father, like son.

Shortly before I stopped working because of my back injury, I had a run-in with The Student. I dont remember the exact details, but I do remember that it was pretty ugly, and that I wrote him up because of it, which is something I rarely do. In addition, I sought out one of his teachers to apprise her of the situation. She was very unhappy about his behavior, and said she would deal with him. After that, he would glare daggers at me, and I would think to myself, If looks could kill, Id be dead.

Now it freaks me out to know that he DID kill someone not long before my confrontation with him, no less. It is sobering to realize that I had a murderer all up in my face, and I was all up in his right back. This is some scary stuff.

And this is what I have to return to on Tuesday.

Song of the Day: Easter by Patti Smith

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