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Wrecked (24 October 2006 - 12:38 p.m.)

I didnít do very well at work. Actually, I was on the verge of collapsing. An assistant principal came to talk to me, and, after seeing what a wreck I was, she announced that, in the principalís absence, she was making the executive decision to send me home. That means I wonít get docked a dayís pay. She also told me to call in sick tomorrow. Finally, she held me, and let me cry in her arms. Her compassion is deeply appreciated.

That goes for a lot of others, as well. Many people sought me out to offer hugs and shoulders to cry on. And the English department is taking up a collection for gift certificates from several restaurants to provide meals so I donít have to cook. I am speechless with gratitude.

When I got home, I called the newspaper. The person I spoke to informed me that he had only heard about my brother this morning. Interestingly enough, he didnít get his information from the police, even though the Captain had told us that he prepared and submitted an article for the paper. The man from the newspaper said he never saw any such press release.

He assured me that they consider this to be newsworthy Ė important news, in fact. He took some information, and asked where I would be later this afternoon. I explained that I was going to my sisterís house, and gave him her number. He said the reporter who will be in charge of the story will be in touch with us when she gets in.

Iím going to my sisterís because Markís ex-fianceeís mother flew in from California to be with her grief-stricken daughter, and she would like to meet Markís family. Tamicaís mother and brother adored Mark, and they are devastated. As Tamica said, to know Mark was to love him.

Tamicaís daughter has finally been told. Sheís carrying a photo of Mark with her everywhere she goes.

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