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I'd Rather Go Fishing (01 June 2007 - 12:58 p.m.)

I just got back from the dry needling. Gee, that was fun. Having needles inserted into tender, knotted muscles was such a blast, I can hardly wait to do it again.

During the lengthy procedure, the doctor and I had a great conversation about, of all things, fishing. It all started when he showed me how thin and flexible the needles are, and explained that this makes it easier for him to feel the response of the muscles that are being penetrated. I remarked that it was similar to fishing - even tiny nibbles are discernible just by holding a finger on the line.

Being an avid fisherman (I didnít know that about him prior to this visit), he took the bait (pun intended) with great pleasure, and a lively discussion ensued. A highlight was his description of tarpon fishing from a glass-bottom boat in the Florida Keys.

I really like this guy, which is not something you will typically hear me say about a doctor.

One other thing Iíd like to mention is that Dr. McDreamy (yes, he's cute) gave me a copy of my MRI report. It reminded me that I forgot to mention that I also have a "subchondral cyst formation in the superior lateral humeral head," along with the spur, fluid, and tear in the rotator cuff.

My poor, invaded muscles are aching, and I have a splitting headache, so itís off to the couch I go, with strict orders from the doctor to not do any lifting or any other strenuous activities for the rest of the day. The only lifting I plan to do involves yarn, a book, and the remote control.

Song of the Day: Gone Fishing by Chris Rea

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